Song is the medicine I offer to the world. Through my travels I’ve collected experiences that channel into song. Each song a prayer to this life, the highs, the lows, and the symphony of  sounds in between.

Original Tunes

This song was written in the desert of Joshua tree, dedicated to my experience at Shakti Fest. I was opened up to the deeper wisdom of the Shakti energy, the pulsating vibration that permeates everything. The Divine mother is alive in the breath, in the flower petal, in the song of the bird. And this is my song dedicated to her.


mother mother carry me
awakening under a Joshua Tree
the desert birds they sing to me
no need to rush no need to hurry
stay a while, hear thier song
the deeper you listen, you can hear the call
golden moons dripping lakes and valleys
steeping willing to let it go to surrender
shapes of shifting willows come and sleep on meadowd pillows
in the hills yeah this is mothers will

We have all we need, trust is in the seed
jai ma jai ma

Desert thorns are made to warn and yet we step towards them
curiosity evolved from the sea
seeing blessings in the rock the cloud the space the tree
the curiosity the go for it the let it be
Jai Ma Jai ma

we have all we need trust is in the seed!

This song was written in a little village in Thailand. Nestled between rice paddies and rolling hills lies a little Ashram. In 2013 this song emerged over a pond in the pure presence & wonder of new discoveries.

I was turning inward, getting my first taste of authentic Yoga. Learning the deeper essence of myself.

I’ve always written songs that felt like adventure stories, and as much as this seems like an outward adventure story,  it’s really about meeting myself as I unfold into deeper awareness.

Letting go of conventional ways of being is tough at first, a lot comes up. Travel isn’t always easy. I love travel for both the adventure of discovery of new cultures and new ways of being. I equally appreciate the inward dance of discovering my inner awareness, what brings me joy, what activates my senses, then Yoga teaches us to withdraw our senses bit by bit, to discover the inside landscape.


Bow my head in every temple
Baptized in all the seas
I she’d this tempting vessel
Straight to the soul of me

I left to find an answer
woke up to the same sun
Bathed underneath the moonlight
In the jungles of Koh phangan

Save your pride for another day
Save your money or give it away
Save your soul all the lrechers say
I’m already saved
I’m already saved

Tread the souls of my feet upon the earth
Embrace each day like a new birth
From the hillside to the desert
To the back alley bar
That’s where you are, that’s where you are

Far across the ocean lies an island where we meet
From this deserted highway it’s one long and loney street
The burdens all the lights can bring
Cover your tracks erase the sin
Burn the bridges light the night
Do only what feels right

Pre chorus

“My Heart Is Singing”

Written in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Sung in Nevada City, California

This song was written by the mystical waters of Lake Atitlan where I was inspired to sing a sweeter tune. Mantras poured through me here. True heart songs and simple melodies to immerse yourself in the sound of love.

Sound is sacred and songs send a deeper message the words alone. What is your heart singing today? Love & share if your heart wants to sing.


My Heart is Singing, Like a Lotus Flower

Opening to sweetness, basking in the sour

Paws to the earth like a Jaguar

Walking the Jungle without fear

My Heart is singing

Love is in the air

My Heart is Singing Repeats until you fall asleep or have an orgasm,

however it flows for you

“Heart of a Lion” origional song written in Granada Spain about our strength & our vulnerability. The dualities in life are what allow us to know balance, to meet at the bridge where the heart can shine.

Sung in my little house parked in the mountains between Shasta & the sea. We are portals for heart energy. My heart is fierce. And my life is in a flow.

Love is our Destiny, Original Music Written and Sung over beautiful Lake Atitlan. May the water hear our prayers.


Awaken your shamanic ancestry
yeah your soulful and your blessed to be
countdown to the festivities love is our destiny

love is our destiny x3

playing heart songs for the mountain
we found our youth outside of the fountain
from within grows the love of 1000
from within grows the love of a 1000

Love is our destiny x3

were all one they say
I wanna live that way
save your soul all the preachers say
tell them I’m already saved

I’ve written enough songs for another full length album! I’m collecting funds to produce this album. If you donate $5 or more receive my 6 song EP recorded in Hawaii. Titled Fly Little Birdie

Medicine Songs

Songs are medicine, and carry an intention. This is a medicine Song I learned in Guatemala. I am honored to share the medicine with the intention of awakening to our infinite potential.

Sound Healing

We are made from sound. Sing to your energy body to activate and balance.