Become A Conscious Creative

Christina Gomes MA – Singer songwriter, Vocal empowerment coach, Creative consultant

Are you ready to become a conscious creative?

Are you ready to live a more creative life and find your authentic, untamed voice?

For far too long you have put your creative dreams aside, your expressive voice quieted or even stifled.

Ask yourself: “What would my life be like if there were nothing holding me back?”

I help folks release creative blocks and untame their voice to reclaim their power as conscious creatives.

Are you ready to consciously create a life full of PURPOSE & PLAY?

Unlike other approaches, I combine ancient modalities of Yoga psychology, sound healing, modern science and deep self inquiry for the perfect recipe to FREE YOUR CREATIVITY.

Imagine a life where your creative desires started to blossom, & you felt free to express yourself and speak your truth.

Whatever creative project you are about to embark on, Singing on stage, starting a blog, beginning a world travel, or starting a heart centered business, your creative energy needs to be flowing and your voice aligned with your truth.

And if you are just now realizing yourself as a creative being, then this is the perfect course for you.

In this course we go step by step through the same practices that have allowed me to release fear, shame & worry to travel the world, sing on all the stages, and start the business of my dreams.

This course is for you if you want to: 
* Reconnect to your natural, instinctual voice. 
* Release what is holding you back from living your creative desires now.
* Express yourself authentically in all aspects of your existence. 
* Begin a playful practice towards an artful life.

Your own voice, its resonance, tone, and rate of vibration is unique to you. It is universal and magical that we have been gifted a voice in this world, your own sound is completely unique!

Your story, your message, the way it connects to your people is unique to you. It is amazing what you’ve been through and if you’re ready to live out your creative dreams, the only moment is now.

This course is going to get you in touch with your untamed voice, and release both energetic blocks and mindset blocks that prevent you from taking action on your creative desires.

You see when we have a dream, and it stays just that, a faraway dream then we are safe. Safe to stay stuck.

But this is not your truth or you wouldn’t be here reading this now.

This course has 6 pre recorded modules & each module comes with short videos on creative theory and practice videos where I guide you how to go from creatively blocked to flowing with creative energy and moving forward in your creative dreams.

Each module has homework and weekly email support. There is also access to a creative community and a ton of bonuses.

The course comes with a beautifully designed workbook, {preview coming soon}

You can do this course at your own pace, however, my suggestion is to take a week with each module. Let the theory sink in and practice the homework.

The practices in this course will have a deeper effect if they become a habit and creative ritual vs a one off effort. In fact your inner artist is like your inner child. She needs to play daily.

I’m starting a movement of wild, powerful, untamed voices.

I believe in you and have made it my mission to see us all unearthing our truth and singing it outloud.

Within each of us is an inner artist waiting to be expressed, get to know your untamed voice.

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What creatives who have untamed their voice are saying

Amy Perez – World Traveler, Poet

Christina is an extremely open, fun, disarming individual. Christina’s use of toning to open the chakras is powerful and she is a brilliant yoga and meditation guide. She helped me to shift my perspective of myself, & feel my truth, allowing me to embrace creativity in areas I felt uncomfortable to explore. I have gone through a huge shift in my journey and she assisted me in the process. Highly recommend her work!

She Helped me shift my perspective of myself & feel my truth

Sophia Heller- Yoga Teacher & Creative Writer

The creativity circle Christina shared with us in retreat, actually brought tears to my eyes as I sang from my heart in front of people for the first time in as long as I can remember ❤️ Her energy created a warm and safe space as we moved through a chakra meditation before ending with more song and laughter. For anyone who gets the chance to attend one of her circles or workshops I highly recommend it!

…Brought tears to my eyes as I sang from my heart in front of people for the first time