Untame Your Voice, Free Your Creativity

Christina Gomes MA – Singer songwriter, Vocal empowerment coach, Creative consultant

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Are you ready to live a more creative life and find your authentic, untamed voice?

For far too long you have put your creative dreams aside, your expressive voice quieted or even stifled. Today you can begin a practice to uncover your truth and sing it out loud.

Ask yourself: “What would my life be like if there were nothing holding me back?”

I help conscious creatives live their most vibrant, connected & creative lives.

Through the ancient practice of vocal toning, we will use the power of your own voice to clear away creative blocks.

Imagine a life where your creative desires started to blossom, & you felt free to express yourself and speak your truth. Imagine a life where singing, dancing, writing, acting, playing, gardening, cooking, painting {insert creative dream here} became a natural part of your days, and not an afterthought or a far away dream.

I’m ecstatic to share with you today 3 days of guided practices to stir up stagnant blocks, free your mind from limiting thoughts, and put you on a path of creativity and freedom.

It’s not about performance, it’s about practice.

This practice is for you if you want to:

  • Reconnect to your natural, instinctual voice.
  • Release what is holding you back from living your creative desires now.
  • Express yourself authentically in all aspects of your existence.
  • Begin a playful practice towards an artful life.

Within each of us is an inner artist waiting to be expressed, get to know your untamed voice with my free 3 day experiment with sound.

Your own voice, its resonance, tone, and rate of vibration is unique to you. It is universal and magical that we have been gifted a voice in this world, your own sound is completely unique!

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What creatives who have untamed their voice are saying

Amy Perez – World Traveler, Poet

Christina is an extremely open, fun, disarming individual. Christina’s use of toning to open the chakras is powerful and she is a brilliant yoga and meditation guide. She helped me to shift my perspective of myself, & feel my truth, allowing me to embrace creativity in areas I felt uncomfortable to explore. I have gone through a huge shift in my journey and she assisted me in the process. Highly recommend her work!

She Helped me shift my perspective of myself & feel my truth

Sophia Heller- Yoga Teacher & Creative Writer

The creativity circle Christina shared with us in retreat, actually brought tears to my eyes as I sang from my heart in front of people for the first time in as long as I can remember ❤️ Her energy created a warm and safe space as we moved through a chakra meditation before ending with more song and laughter. For anyone who gets the chance to attend one of her circles or workshops I highly recommend it!

…Brought tears to my eyes as I sang from my heart in front of people for the first time