Singing From The Heart

Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Song Circle

Discover your inner voice; find your truth & sing it out loud. Sound is medicine & songs carry a message deeper than words alone. In this workshop, the intention is to set a safe and sacred container to express our hearts through song.


Through a guided Cacao Ceremony, we will drop down from the head & into a heart space, communing with the spirit of Cacao. Cacao is a harmonizer, she harmonizes and balances the energies of the mind and the heart. Most often we find a block when singing because we are too much in our head, wondering what people might think or how we sound. In our Ceremony, after enjoying a delicious cup of Cacao, we will engage in vocal activation, and guided activities to allow us to drop any stories, or limiting beliefs that may have blocked us from our birthright as singers of this earth. As an earth creature, it is your divine right to sing.


We will drop out of the mind stuff, and allow sound to move through us. When we are feeling connected to the earth, ourselves, and the circle, we will then share medicine songs, mantras, and original heart songs together in community.


Christina’s Singing Background:


Christina is a Singer-Songwriter, Sound Healer, & Cacao Ceremonialist. She carries heart songs from a variety of traditions, and has been writing & composing her own music for 10 years. A traveler at heart, Christina has shared her music in over 30 countries, and has been graced with the sounds of many cultures. After recently traveling to Guatemala, where Cacao sings the song’s of the land, Christina began working with the Mayan medicine of Cacao. The heart opening effects of Cacao allows for singing a sweeter tune. Singing from the heart, is about shifting into a heart centered place, and Cacao is the medicine for that sacred shift. Christina’s mission is to honor play as a spiritual practice & through song, storytelling, & sacred sillimonies, help people feel more vibrant, connected, & free.

Original Tunes

“Heart of a Lion” origional song written in Granada Spain about our strength & our vulnerability. The dualities in life are what allow us to know balance, to meet at the bridge where the heart can shine. 💓

Sung in my little house parked in the mountains between Shasta & the sea. We are portals for heart energy. My heart is fierce. And my life is in a flow.

Love is our Destiny, Original Music Written and Sung over beautiful Lake Atitlan. May the water hear our prayers.

Medicine Songs

Songs are medicine, and carry an intention. This is a medicine Song I learned in Guatemala. I am honored to share the medicine with the intention of awakening to our infinite potential.

Sound Healing

We are made from sound. Sing to your energy body to activate and balance.