My Creative Journey

I help conscious creatives unleash the power in their voice and free their creativity.

I’m a Yoga Psychologist. I graduated with a masters in Clinical psychology 10 years ago, and started working in the field of sexual violence right away. This led to my own personal burnout and dilution of my own natural creativity. Although I enjoyed helping people, they don’t teach you in grad school about energy work, meditation, or the power of sound to heal. And they certainly don’t put an emphasis on creativity.

I couldn’t hear or separate my own inner song, from the traumatic songs of the often young people who I was charged to help. In order to be a better therapist, I needed to find my own way creatively, so I went deep into my own creative process and journey. I sold all my things, and went on a worldwide adventure, playing music in cobbled Spanish streets, busking on turkish islands, and living with musicians and artists in many forests around the world.

I came to learn Traditional Yoga at the foot of a Swami in Northern Thailand, and most recently spent time within an indigenous, Mayan community in Central America, learning the healing art of Cacao ceremony. All this with only a few objects, my ukulele, and my songs.

Through this wild adventure, I came to trust my inner voice, found my magic medicine for the world, and I began to share it in a way that helped others free their creativity. Through International retreats, workshops, & 1:1 creative coaching, conscious creatives all over the world began to unleash the power of their voice.

I’m now filming my intro course, Yoga for creativity to help conscious creatives untame their voice, ignite their passions, and design the life of their creative dreams.

The best part is, I no longer subscribe to the notion of a starving artist. I am earning abundance in my gifts and talents and so can any creative.

I’ve helped singers write their first song, I’ve helped people who never thought they could sing, sing and even those who called themselves “tone deaf” release those blocks to sing their first song on an open mic.

I’ve helped people that claimed they were not an artist, own their creativity, and start living their lives like a work of art. I’ve helped people who know they have a message, show up and speak their truths, Because no matter where we are on our journey we all come across creative blocks.

This could be due to our pasts. Our current situations which trigger old wounds, or the larger collective culture and the ingrained beliefs that come with that.

The point is we have a deeper, inner truth, that goes beyond the current situation we may find ourselves in. When we get wrapped up in the wound, the hurt, the shame, or the worry, our creative energy gets blocked. These shadow energies are not something to avoid, they are something to shine the light of awareness on.

In my travels, I have unearthed powerful practices that are also scientifically proven to bring more peace and joy to the practitioner. So when we come across uncomfortable thoughts, feelings of anxiety, stuckness, or low energy, we don’t ignore, stuff, or pretend to be happy, we authentically face ourselves, and create space for our own creative journey. We create and stay true to a practice which gets us back into our creative flow.

Ultimately we have a choice. We can choose to stay stuck, and maybe one day the stickiness will subside, or we can love ourselves enough to choose this moment now to free ourselves from creative blocks, because it is an act of self love to own your creativity as your divine birthright.

We are born creative beings, we are creating all of the time. We create sounds with our breath and vocal chords and place symbols to those sounds to communicate and make meaning. We can wrap a melody around those sounds and create music & song. We are natural born storytellers, and musicians often singing songs before we can speak full sentences. We tell stories through painting and dancing. The cells in our body are creating and recreating themselves every moment. We create life from our wombs and our seeds. Creativity is our divine birthright. I believe it’s what we came here to do. To create together. So we have this life. It is a divine gift. And we can use it to create meaning, connection, and new vibrant stories through living an artful life.

Combination of Yoga Psychology, Sound Healing, & modern psychology mix in my own personal fav, creative writing, and you have yourself a recipe for freeing creativity.