Free Your Creativity Retreat

This retreat combines Classical Yoga, Meditation, & The Creative Arts, for a long weekend of connection to your creative nature. Detox your mind, body & get ready for a new year!

Within each of us is an inner artist waiting to be expressed. Gift yourself the space to move, reflect, and cultivate a creative practice that brings meaning & fulfillment into your life.

Get ready to live your life like a work of art!

Unleash the power of your voice

Tap into a sacred well of creativity within you

Cultivate a yoga practice off the mat & in your daily life

Creativity comes in many forms, in this retreat, we will explore singing, creative writing, poetry, movement, & music.

This retreat is designed to release creative blocks that every artist bumps up against. Free yourself from any blocks that have prevented you from fully expressing your own gifts & talents.

Whether you believe you are a creative type or haven’t yet realized your full creative potential, this retreat will liberate your inner artist, free your creativity, and awaken your most vibrant you.

Early Bird Price Only $269 for 3 nights 4 days

add $60 for each additional day.

flight, visa, & transportation to Wise Living Yoga Academy not included



Choose your own dates!

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