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Shakti Power: 3 Natural Ways to get your Creative Juices Flowing

What is the juice of creativity; the sweet nectar that inspires us to write a poem, paint a canvas, sing from the heart or play like a child? This creative muse is called by many names, one name I’ve been connecting with recently is Shakti Kundalini.

Shakti, in the Yogic tradition coming from India, is the dynamic force which moves through all forms of the universe. From the splitting of an atom to the collapsing of a star, Shakti is a primordial cosmic energy.

Shakti has been worshiped as the divine energy that creates and destroys. Shakti devotees call upon her form in the different incarnations of the Goddess. Since Shakti is energy, Shakti manifests in different qualities. To harness a specific energy of Shakti we imagine a Goddess with human features yet with super human powers or Siddhis.

The Goddess we invoke may be a sweet one, offering knowledge and music, or she may be fierce offering her power to slay demons of mythical and real life consequence. She has many names and many forms, and each form may have many arms, holding objects which further help us to understand her qualities.

To the Yogi, each are manifestations of the Divine Mother, which animates the seen and unseen forces of nature.

Having grown up in a western world where my Goddesses were princesses trapped in towers, who could only be saved by a small Italian man named Mario or sometimes Luigi, it is refreshing to know that there are spiritual practices based on the worship of the powerful feminine qualities.

Furthermore, it awakens something in me to know these qualities of the Divine Mother, aren’t powerful in a modern, masculine sense of brute force or strength, but rather intelligence, creativity and fierce compassion.

The most life affirming realization I’ve had while visiting India, is that singing is one of the most efficient ways to activate Shakti Kundalini, the potent creative force which exists in all humans, yet lies dormant in most. When we awaken this Shakti power, our creative capacities increase. Poets, sages, and artists all have the spark of Shakti Kundalini awakened.

To chant the names of the Divine is to invoke the Divine in the space. And since your life is already divine by the nature of your existence, it is to invoke the noticing of that which is and has always been.

Singing helps us remember our true nature, singing helps us remember our divinity, singing clears the stagnant energy from our system so we can more vibrantly experience the juicy sweetness of life.

The 3 powerful ways to get your creativity flowing are:

1. Sing; sing for yourself
2. Sing; sing for another
3. Sing; sing in a group

Sing the names of the different Goddesses, sing your favorite song on the radio, or sing a song you made up, but see to it you choose a song you resonate with.

If you can, sing in a group.

Group singing scientifically enhances the quality of your life. People all over the world from the Amazonian jungles to the Tibetan mountains have been making sounds together for no telling how long. When we sing together, something deep within us wakes up. We can now identify this something as Shakti Kundalini, or you can identify it as creative life force energy, or you can identify it as the molecular structure of your body, your DNA, reaching back through time and connecting with your ancestors who definitely sat in circles singing. However you identify with the feeling of community singing, I hope you have the opportunity to experience the richness of community singing.

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Come play with me and experience your truest expression.

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Sparking the fire of creativity through sound

When I’m inspired creatively, words flow through me like the electricity lights the bulb, as if by magic. When I’m inspired, words light up the pages of my notebooks, my pen tapping to the rhythm of my inner poetry. But when I’m blocked, the page is blank, the ukulele collects dust and the songs lay dormant in my throat.

There was a moment recently where I let the page be blank. I waited for the spark to strike, and I thought to myself, when will this creative block end?

And then I started to sing. Without the spark to, I just started to sing again because I knew it was the right thing to do. I started to sing  & write, and then I started to sing & write everyday. The singing became the spark, and my inner pages lit up again with prose.

Sometimes we wait until the perfect moment to begin a project, to make something happen, or to be happy. Because of our conditioning, we are always waiting for something to come and make us happy.

When people say happiness comes from within, it is not that we’re waiting for the day  happiness crawls out of us like a sleeping giant, but when we feel unhappy, we can do the things that cultivate feelings of happiness. It takes practice. This is why Yoga is a practice.

Yoga teaches us that the only thing constant is change itself. So one day the sun is shining, and we’re happy and the next day there is rain and so we’re gloomy. The uncontrollable forces of nature seem to have so much control over our lives. But I don’t just give away my power that easily anymore.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I know, as a creative life coach, and vocalist that singing scientifically produces the chemicals and hormones nessecary for feelings of happiness. It’s been proven in many studies that singing brings happiness. So why resist singing? What in us resists happiness?

We tend to hold on to certain conditioning. Our experiences shape us, they leave a lasting mark on our subconscious long after the experience has passed. In Yoga, these mental impressions are known as samskaras. These mental impressions affect the neural pathways of the brain, and habituate us to certain ways of being, and attitudes.

 Samskaras are like deep grooves which keep us walking down the same path. When you’ve gone on a hike that is well known and well hiked, there is a pathway, or a groove in the earth from being walked on many times. This is the samskara. Sometimes we walk down that same pathway without awareness if it is even the best way to go. Traveling off the beaten path is a creative way to move, and takes bravery.  

Our past experiences have created patterns of behavior and as we continually walk those patterns we deepen the groove until we’re walking in a ditch and can’t see our way out. Do we stay in the ditch or do we ask for help? We do not have to stay in any situation or emotional state that feels like being buried. But we may need help in identifying our samskaras, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits that are preventing us from flowing freely in our creative nature. Sometimes we just need someone to sing with.

Song Circle at My Retreat Yoga Soundscapes in Lake Atitlan Guatemala

I understand that creativity naturally ebbs and flows. But for a singer, too long without singing is like a bird staying too long on the ground. As a human, as a creature of this earth, it is your divine right to both sing and be happy, and so why not do both. Why wait until your neck deep in the sand to decide to change?

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The bulb of creativity is shining bright in me once more and I’m ready to hold the light for you to discover how vibrant a life of creativity can be.

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How I get in to a Creative Space, & 3 Practices to Connect you to your Creative Energy


Creative expression is the divine’s way of seeing itself expressed as everything.

What in the fractal do I mean by that?

Please be forwarned we’re about to get all woo woo up in here, but believe me, if you read on and practice, you may break through to a creative piece of yourself that feels a little like divinity.

Albert Einstein once said “Strange is our situation here upon this earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose.” If you haven’t found your purpose yet, my advice is to create one. Through connecting with our own creativity we connect deeper to all things.

There are 3 ways I connect to creative energy
1. Connecting to sexual energy
2. Examining creations stories
3. Chanting the Seed Mantra VAM

Lets first take a look at the mystical, sought after, and often taboo, topic of sexual energy.

My toaist teacher Mantuk Chia described to me how powerful sexual energy can be by reminding me that it’s a force great enough to create another human being; a being who takes conciousness to a whole other level, a being, like you, who is a creative force on this planet.

As a human being, it is your divine right to continue to utilize this sexual energy to create more little humans on the planet. AND this sexual, creative energy, has another magic power.

Did you know, you can harness this energy to create whatever your heart desires? I believe we were put on this planet to create. And not just procreate, but share our depths with the world, so that the universe, which we are apart of, can recognize itself in the individual. Creative expression is how we show up as individuals.

If you’re down with spirituality, as much as I am, then a part of you knows we are all one connected and whole. And yet the paradox of this is there you are reading my words with your own two eyes relating to this message through a perspective built on your own unique experiences and individuality. Your opinions, expression and personality are also your creative expression in the world.

As humans, we have created stories to explain why we are here, and our divine purpose in life.

What better way to connect to creativity than by understanding creation stories themselves. One such creation story, shortened up by me is as follows. The sound of Om, in the Yoga tradition, is the primordial sound that created the universe. Great masters, meditators, and mystics have experienced Om when practicing transcendental meditation. In the Hindu creation story, through the silence, the universe was created by the sound of om, and here we are, millennia later, a ripple effect of that first sound. We are still vibrating with the sound embedded within each of us.

Each person has a vibrancy, a frequency, and a core way they show up in the world. And deeper still, each organ, each atom, each molecular structure is all vibrating. I definitely didn’t make this stuff up, it’s all being studied by quantum physicists right now. Science has yet to discover something that isn’t vibrating.

We know that empty space is an illusion. Space is filled with energy vibrating and humming like sound. We are always connected by this energy. So why then do we sometimes feel so alone? I believe it is because we have energetic blocks that prevent the flow of creative energy.

To release these creative blocks, I chant the Mantra VAM to connect with the vibration of the Swadistana Chakra.

We are all artists, and your life is yours to create. Right now, as I formulate and create these ideas and paint a visual story for your comprehension or maybe uncomprehension, I am connected to my energy body & specifically the Swadistana Chakra.

The Swadistana Chakra or sacral chakra is where the creative energy is located in our energetic system. This chakra is located 3 finger lengths under your belly button (pssst also, if you’re a woman, where your womb is …The part of us that literally creates other humans)

This chakra symbolizes our creative energy. Whenever we create something, a piece of art, a well crafted joke, a good cup of coffee even, we are tapping into this creative energy. Sometimes on a daily basis, we turn vibration into form, turning beans into grounds into freaking COFFEE! baristas are a pure creative force.

When our creative energy is blocked, we may feel shame or lack of true pleasure and we may experience issues related to intimacy. When we are balanced in this creativity, we are able to produce works of art in anything we express, a painting, an essay, a pastry, or a child.

We’re not entirely sure how the universe was created, by an om, by a big bang, or by God himself, but we can be certain in some sense, we were created here. I believe the best way to honor that creative energy is to continue to create. Below is a guided meditation to help you connect to the creative energy within so you can live a life like a masterpiece.

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Why Mantras? How chanting can create health and happiness


Last week we learned about affirmations and how they can help to rewire the neural pathways in the brain for more positive thoughts. This week we’re discussing mantras, what they mean, and how they can serve a mind-body connection for a healthy and happy life.

In Sanskrit, the ancient language of Yoga philosophy and Vedic texts, man means “mind” and tra means “to free”. In the yogic tradition, we chant mantras to free our minds of the ever wavering thoughts and constant chatter.

Since the Sanskrit language arose from India & Hinduism, certain Mantras invoke the qualities of Hindu deities. For example, if you want to call in wealth and abundance you chant to the Goddess Lakshmi. Saraswati is the Goddess of music, words and knowledge, So I begin each day with a chant to Saraswati Ma. Throughout India this is common practice.

For those of us new to Yoga and hanging around mostly in the west, we may need guidance in deciding which qualities need balancing in our lives. And maybe we don’t yet understand which deity is in charge of what. That’s ok, because one thing we all have cross culturally is glands.

The major endocrine glands in the body include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, and adrenal glands. Phew thats a mouth full! When we chant mantras in Sanskrit, the language is designed so beautifully that it creates certain chambers and presses activation points inside our mouths. For example, when your tongue presses up against the top of your mouth, it is known to activate the pituitary gland, which regulates your metabolism. It’s a mouth, body connection!

Repetitive chanting of mantras activates your entire system bringing it into alignment & keeping you healthy. When your body is functioning at its optimal level, your body & brain release dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin the feel good, happiness hormones. Mantras are proven by science to help you feel happy!

We’ll go into more detail into the happiness of sound in a later post, for now, just know that Yogi’s have been chanting mantras since before written word, and the proof is in the practice. You can make the experiment yourself, and see what chanting can do for your own personal health & happiness by joining one of my free mantra meditation challenges given throughout the year.

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In the meantime, enjoy Gayatri Mantra sung by your’s truly. The Gayatri mantra is sung for world peace. I believe in peace through connection. Share with someone you wish to connect with today.