Become a Yoga Teacher in Tropical Paradise

Amidst the rice fields and rolling hills lies a hidden gem, an ashram teaching traditional Yoga in tropical Paradise.

Becoming a Yoga teacher was not my original dream. I simply wanted to feel better in my own skin, but Yoga had other plans for me. The deeper life meanings wrapped in Yoga awareness opened up a pathway for travel, for sharing, and for understanding the spiritual workings of reality.

Yoga is much more than physical postures. There is an energetic component, a community culture, and a spiritual habituation which comes when practicing Yoga.

Relief from stress, flexible body and a more calm mind were also beautiful by products of my new practice.

Teaching Yoga on the Mountain in Guatemala

Teaching became natural, because Yoga became the way I lived my life. I became kinder, happier, and I felt a sense of freedom I had never felt before.

Teaching Yoga in the Yoga Shala at Wise Living Yoga Academy

My Yoga school is unlike most schools as there is no commercialization. It is authentic, & classical, no frills or modern twists; Just Yoga, the way it was meant to be taught. This is Yoga to help you realize your true nature as a joyful, conscious being.

Wise Living Yoga Academy is affiliated with the world’s oldest organized Yoga institution in India. With the blessings of her guru, my teacher, Jeenal Mehta, founded Wise Living Yoga Academy in Thailand to spread the seeds of knowledge outside of her own country of India. You can read more about my school’s philosophy here.

Me with My teacher to the left and my fellow advanced classmates

So what are you waiting for? Come to Thailand and immerse yourself in a month long course and feel the difference a Yogic routine can bring.

Mother India is beautiful, but can be intense for first time travelers.

Thailand has a spiritual essence, and is very traveler friendly.

Watch this video to see life at Wise Living Yoga Academy

The food is so amazing at Wise Living Yoga Academy. So healthy and fresh to keep your mind, and belly light for learning.

Tofu Scramble at Wise Living Yoga Academy

Whether you desire to become a Yoga teacher or simply wish to expand your own Yoga practice, Wise Living Yoga Academy is the only school I can recommend for Traditional Yoga, taught by experienced Yoga Teachers.

You don’t have to desire to become a Yoga teacher to transform your own life & expand your horizons. Studying Yoga is about self development first, and within this program, you will also be qualified, certified, & prepared to teach what you’ve learned if that calls to you.

Check out our site for upcoming course dates or share this page with your friends who might be interested. We hope to see you soon in sunny Thailand.

Thailand, Feel The Difference

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