How to find the balance between a human doing & a human being

The journey has it’s twists and turns, it’s edges and soft meadows for which I can push against or lay my head in rest.

I recently led my first retreat. And then laid down to rest and integrate. This is the flow of life. The bursts of high energy, the doing, the masculine energy of power that drives me to action, which grew a retreat into existence from the ground up.


Following came a flow into a state of being ness. This is the opposite energy, which allowed me to appreciate the experience fully, and let the lessons unfold which may have been passed by had I pursued the next thing on my bucket list.

Holding this retreat was a dream come true. I definitely made that check mark on the coveted bucket list, if only to recognize that this is my life’s passion and souls purpose. The purpose to dream a bit bigger, travel to faraway lands and hold space for transformational experiences.


Transformation comes when we are ready, when we secretly call to it and allow the process to unfold. We are conditioned to push beyond our edges, yet Yoga is the sweet allowance of what is.

My retreat was my creative baby. I was held in deep community and given the opportunity to spread a message of truth and love. A mile above Lake Atitlan, on a Sanctuary in the sky, a group of a precious few, gifted ourselves the experience of retreat, of togetherness & release. Releasing what no longer serves to live from a deeper place of truth & love.


Following your heart is no fluffly line from my diary. There is a vibration of love that emerges from the heart, if we only bring awareness to it. Integration is part of listening to the heart.

Often when a project finalizes, we can think “what next” and while I definitely did that, I also thought “what now”, what does my body, mind & soul desire right here right now. My heart was asking for rest, to give space for the lessons, like a long shavasana, lying in stillness, focusing only on the now.

When in quiet rest, we discover what feels like a full yes in our bodies, so that we’re not moving into life, dragging one foot behind the other, but prancing, twirling, and sun saluting this life into existence. Each movement a prayer towards our highest truth.

My highest truth had me laying in a king sized bed, listening to birds, and churning up ideas only to let them lay in bed with me. For me, ideas often develop into full projects if I give them the right space and time to blossom.

What is blossoming for you? And how can I be of service to help bring your seeds of inspiration into full fruits of labor? Feel free to reply, or leave a comment.

What is blossoming for me now? I am carrying medicine. I am embracing the call from the wild unkown to step into a place of offering only what makes my heart sing. And my heart is usually singing.

I have adopted these blocks of Cacao from a Guatemalan woman’s collective in San Marcos Guatemala. I am serving the medicine of revival of ritual & of living a ceremonious life, of song & chocolate.


When we pause for a moment, and give thanks for the abundance of this life, of all that mother earth creates for us, we flow into alignement with the vibration of the nature.

Our cells are craving this. They are calling out please! I want to be in nature, feeling the river flow against my toes, feeling the earth breathe and quake and release. Remember that you are apart of nature’s design.


When we commune with nature, physiologically, we quickly fall into the relaxation response. We breathe the air our bodies were created to breathe, our senses heighten as they no longer have to dim their brightness to block out the myriad of sensations, sounds, and sights that aren’t serving our soul’s purpose.

Cacao ceremony is about honoring our true selves, our heart centered selves, in connection with nature. Cacao is la corozon de la tierra. The heart of the earth. And she is my inspiration.


I will continue this path of sharing my hearts song, serving medicines like Yoga, Music, & Ceremony and I will continue to collect it all here in a full ceremonial dose of love through words.

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Namaste, Aloha, Ahau,

Lokah Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

“May all Beings Be Happy & Free”