Yoga Soundscapes: Eco Yoga & Sacred Sound Retreat


Join Christina Gomes & Bethany Brown at Yoga Soundscapes

In this 5 day retreat we’ll guide you through the limbs of yoga, hold space for rejuvenation, & dive into the depths of the heart. Yoga asana is ancient & intuitive. In Yoga Soundscapes we will explore physical movement in connection to our bodies, our psyche, and our energy system.

Through traditional yogic meditation we learn to be present in the moment and allow our thoughts to come and go. Meditation is the surrender. Together we will learn to  surrender to the essence of stillness and become present in our own bodies. We will practice traditional yogic meditation, as well as guided meditation for deep relaxation.

Through sound we create space in the body and mind for rejuvenation. At the core of everything is vibration, so in a sense, we are made from sound. In Yoga Soundscapes, we will utilize sound baths for relaxation, sacred song circles (Kirtan in Sanskrit) for activating your inner voice, and intentional music to flow into creativity and presence.

Ceremony is a sacred act that brings you into connection with the Divine in a way that feels authentic to you. Through rituals old and new we can turn an average day into a celebration. In our retreat together, we will engage in the ceremony of Cacao. Cacao is known in the Mayan culture as a sacred medicine for connection with our higher truth. The subtle medicinal effects are known for opening the doors to the heart, creating a space for exploration into self love, compassion, and connection.

Included in each day is space for down time and relaxation, optional workshops, or spa treatments in the surrounding area.


For Registration & More Information Visit


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