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Let Intuition Be Your Guide: The Power of Om


I’ve never been a quiet person. My personality is based on how many one liners I can get in the conversation and what song I’m currently singing on repeat. If we hang together, I’m usually making a bunch of noise.

But intuition isn’t loud, it’s the soft voice that whispers to us guiding us into flow. When we get quiet we can hear a deeper voice within. So for me, getting quiet becomes a practice. Since I’m not naturally inclined to shush up or meditate, I practice at sitting still to hear this deeper voice within.

The sea does not wonder how to interact with the shore. It is in the flow of life, that waves kiss the land. When tapping into intuition we tap into the flow.

When in a flow state, you may notice little synchronicities lining up like little markers on the path that give you the nod that your heading in the right direction. It isn’t a magic trick. When you open yourself up into the awareness of flow, you simply become aware enough to notice.

And when something comes and breaks the flow, you open yourself up to the idea that everything that is happening is guiding you somewhere else. You simply are always where you are meant to be, mostly because there is no where else you are.

Now is the only moment, and in this moment now, we can choose what thoughts we honor, and what thoughts we discard. What is our intuition & what is just noise?

We can choose gratitude, positivity, and understanding. And we can also choose to keep up on the notion that people are out to get us, or that we are unworthy, or unable. This is a choice. Through stillness, and affirmations, you can begin to create a habit that starts to take a look at limiting belief patterns, and rewire your tendencies towards a life in the flow.

It takes work, but it’s doable. Because if you tap into your intuitive nature, you will come to understand you are more than a physical body, you are more than your thoughts about life, you are not broken, you are a human with free will and determination.

Beyond the physical body, we are energetic in nature. We sense and feel the world around us through our 5 senses yes, but there is a subtle layer of sight that is experienced with our 3rd eye.

The energetic chakra between the brow, is where our intellect lies, and our ability to determine reality beyond physical form. Subtle emotions, facial expressions, & sensations in the body culminate to produce a bigger picture which we can sense with our intution.

Sensitive people can feel the presence of energy. Everyone can feel the presence of energy if they tap into the deeper nuances of a moment. Feel into a space with your intuition, rather than coming from a space of already knowing.

In our society, we aren’t taught to follow our intution. We’re told which certain paths lead to a predictable future where houses, cars and money can be accumulated.

How do we start to come away from the hustle and bustle, and come into the flow? It starts with the om. Sit quietly and om. This is a sound that centers you in your intuitive nature and energetically connects you with the moment now.

Lets practice together here

Step into the flow and join myself and Bethany Brown for a week long retreat in sunny Guatemala. We are hosting Yoga Soundscapes, an eco yoga and sacred sound retreat over looking San Marcos, Lake Atitlan this spring. In this retreat, we will release any energetic blocks that are preventing you from tapping into your intuitive nature. Join us here for more information.

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