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Lets get to the heart of it. An essay on Vedic wisdom vs. scientific theory on matters of the heart.

We can talk about the cosmos, city planning, or aerodynamics, but no matter what we discuss, we always return to matters of the heart. Why do we want to know about the stars and their path in the sky? because it connects us to an ancient time, our ancestors, and the deep knowledge of where we come from. Why do we want to discuss which way a street will bend or a building built? Because we want to know the most effective way to visit our friends & loved ones, and create a space where everyone can live and work together. And why do we want to fly? To be closer to each other and to the world around us. To do things we think are not possible.

Is it possible to connect to the heart in all things we do? I think it is possible, and both spirituality and science agree.

My respected teacher M.M Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri talks about the heart as the space where the knowledge of truth lies. He describes the core of you as self illuminate. Swamiji, as he is affectionately called, is the gaurder of the knowledge of the Vedas in India. The Vedas, written between 1500 & 1000 BCE. are the wisdom texts of eastern philosophy and spirituality, and where the knowledge of Yoga has sprung.


Discover more about Swamiji Here

In my studies, Swamiji delivers ancient wisdom messages that are so relevant today, that If we listen with our heart, we can feel them as inherent truths. With this Vedic knowledge, we can determine that for centuries philosophers, sages, and knowledge seekers have been discussing matters of the heart. The external world of forms, of consumerism, and of conflict is one way to experience the world. However, if you turn inward, towards the heart, towards the eternal that resides in you, you can discover something beyond the maya, an essence that is truly loving, and an unconditional love that depends on nothing to shine.

And now science is catching up to this ancient Vedic Wisdom.

At the Heart Math Institute in California, they have been researching matters of the heart for over 20 years. Scientists have discovered that the heart is it’s own information processing center. Like the brain, the heart can perceive, process, and encode sensory information. Meaning the heart’s’ only function isn’t to pump blood throughout the body; it also absorbs information & energy of the world, and sends that throughout your system with each beat.


Through the hearts pumping, an electrical process occurs. When your body is in rest, your heart beats approximately 60-100 times per minute. This pumping actually creates an electrical signal. This signal or frequency permeates beyond the body and generates a measurable electromagnetic field extending in all directions around you in space and time. Scientific studies conducted at the Heart Math Institute have shown that the energy of your heart radiates out & around you and mingles with the biomagnatic field of the people close to you. This is how we feel and sense the energy of others, and experience a connection with those around us. This is why science is so beautiful.

In the yogic tradition, the energetic vortex of the heart is called the Anahata Chakra. This chakra represents a universal love of all beings, empathy, and self love. To ensure that your connection to those around you is based in the purest of heart energy, I’ve created a guided meditation you can engage in to balance heart energy.

Heart space guided meditation

We progress and progress in this time of great progression and still we are coming closer to the heart of things. Connection is at the root of the matter, and connection IS the heart of the matter. I invite you to take a moment and  share this message, and when you do, first, connect to the heart and send it with a loving vibration.

PS Want to dive deeper into matters of the heart live and in person? Bethany Brown & I are holding a retreat in Guatemala called Yoga & Soundscapes where we will indulge in relaxation, move into activation, and discover how to live authentically and from the heart. <<Yoga & Soundscapes>>

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