Ready To Untame your voice & Free Your Creativity?

Song, sound, creative writing and movement are all expressions of your inner song. Your inner song is your inner truth.

To uncover your truth, and sing it outloud is the mark of a conscious creative.

Creativity is our birthright. To create consciously, from a place of intention and knowing can lead to a more vibrant, connected and creative life. Your LIFE becomes your work of art when your energy is flowing and in alignment with your inner song.

“Christina holds a space for true authentic expression, through her own example of this, it gives others the safety and comfort to explore their own vulnerability. The workshops I experienced touched deep parts of myself and gave me tools to take in to my everyday life. Her retreats are full of so much laughter, joy and bliss.”


“Christina’s workshops and retreat allowed me to really open up and clear away a lot of the walls that I put up around myself. The process was emotional, powerful, and most importantly, playful. Healing is no longer a tool to fix me, rather a part of me. We all have the ability to live a life of joy and happiness, it helps to have someone to support you in unlocking that ability. I recommend her events and guidance to anyone who is lost, looking to heal, or just wants to have some fun in a self-fulfilling way.”

Martin Boynten